'Inspiring others since 2003'

Deep in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside sits Daisa & Co.

Our publishing partnership provides the support of an independent publishing house, allowing you to have much more creative control to publish the exact book of your dreams! 

At Daisa & Co, we realise you've poured your heart and soul into writing your book, and you've long dreamt of the day when you will finally see your words in print. Our award-winning team with a combined 70 years of experience can help you on your journey to becoming a published Author.

What our Authors say about us...

Kate Brumby - In The Palm of His Hand

“I highly recommend Daisa & Co. Daisa & Co enabled me to publish my debut poetry collection In March 2019. Their eye for detail regarding type setting, layout, and cover design, have resulted in a professional hardback edition.

Not only am I proud of the book published, I am proud to be a Daisa Author. Daisa & Co were great with 'In the Palm of his Hand', and they continue to offer support and guidance. Today I am delighted to say that Daisa & Co have agreed a submission date for the full manuscript of my second book.

I know that I can rely on Daisa & Co to be enthusiastic and encouraging with ‘His Guiding Hand’- a memoir of a poet'. If you are looking for a Publisher with passion, drive, and integrity, as well as generosity of spirit then look no further.”


Noel Hogan - Trust Your Spiritual Sat Nav

“My journey (which is far from over!) with the team at Daisa & Co has been nothing short of exceptional. There are simply too many great aspects of their service to list.

Daisa & Co put all of their skill and focus into finding out your dreams and goals; getting to know ‘who you are.’ Then they make YOUR goal, THEIR goal.

So far, the results have far-far exceeded my expectations!”

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