Daisa Morgan

The Magical World of Fingley and Dodl & Dottie book series

Daisa Morgan is a Children’s Author and creator of DODL BEAR®. 


Daisa Morgan brings the experience of 21st century living to her magical tales of how we all have a part to play in preserving the lands, homes and lives that we value so much and when this is threatened it is only by working together in a common cause that evil can be overcome.


Read more about Daisa here: www.daisamorgan.com

Mervin Dove

Tales of a Barton Lad - Volume 1

Rollin' Back The Years - Volume 2

The historic town of Barton Upon Humber has been home to many memorable characters, including Samuel Wilderspin, Ted Lewis and Chad Varah. Now meet Mervin Dove, a talented sign writer and true Barton lad whose heart has always belonged with the town.


Mervin originally decided to write his story as a keepsake for his children. But after, 'Tales of a Barton Lad' gaining an incredible response from the public, Mervin has now taken the decision to share his story with the world. He is a natural storyteller. 


Following the success of Mervin's first publication, he has recently released Volume 2, 'Rollin Back The Years'. 

In the second book, Mervin relives his tanker driving days with humorous and honest tales; fuelling up on his favourite pastime, darts and stopping off to deliver fond memories from his traditional sign writing profession. 


Mervin's authentic storytelling presents us with a genuine account of what life was like, living and growing up in the 'good old days'! 



Read more about Mervin here: www.mervindove.com

Noel Hogan

Trust Your Spiritual Sat Nav

Noel Hogan inspires a new generation in the midst of a world consumed by social media, materialism and negative thinking to reevaluate the day to day thought process and harness the power of the true self.


Through a series of inspiring stories and chapters, Noel raises the importance of keeping the vibration of this beautiful planet from slowing down, championing a reawakening that humanity is depending on.


Read more about Noel here: www.spiritualsatnav.com

June Herrick

Dollipegs - A Life of Love

A special recollection of a life of love that is so heartwarming; telling stories from a simpler time. "Dollipegs - that's me!"


This is June's story, a collection of memories from her life which she decided to write for her family and friends; special memories that span a lifetime - a mixture of humour, laughs and naughty times. 


After enjoying the success of her first publication, 'Dollipegs', June is currently working on her second title.

Shipwrecks of the River Humber

National Lottery Heritage Fund, Grimsby's Lost Ships of WW1

The title, ‘Grimsby’s Lost Ships of WW1’ is an incredible publication which supports the local exhibition at The Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre.


Grimsby’s Lost Ships of WW1 is a project of historic discovery to uncover the maritime heritage of Grimsby’s Fishing Fleet. It was well known that Grimsby was a major fishing port up to the late 1970’s but Grimsby’s fishing boats role in WW1 was largely unknown until now…

Constantly under threat of being lost to the sea, the non-profit organisation ‘Shipwrecks of the River Humber’ made it their mission between August 2014 and November 2018 to research, map, photograph, explore and document over 300 Grimsby trawlers that were lost and forgotten.


Read more about the project and the team here: 


Kate Brumby

In The Palm of His Hand 

His Guiding Hand

As a child Kate found writing and reading very difficult; so much so, an Educational Psychologist was asked to assess her. Kate was diagnosed with Dyslexia. She thanks her teachers for their creative homework; the repetitive writing down of all the words she could think of! 

At home, Kate is an early-riser. She enjoys sketching, painting, sewing and other crafts, or being in the garden or greenhouse. She is passionate about her faith and is involved in several church activities. 

Kate and her husband Mike share their North Lincolnshire home with a loving Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Dottie, whose name was chosen due to its meaning of 'gift of God'. 


Read more about Kate and her writing journey here: www.katebrumby.co.uk

Nicola Richardson

Natural Mystic

Nicola Richardson is down to earth and spiritual.

A Writer, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Inspirational Speaker; she has always been guided by Spirit. Nicola is following her soul's calling, drawing from her unique upbringing, she continues to share her wisdom, encouraging others to courageously look within. 


Read more about Nicola and her inspiring story here: 


David Black

My Brother's Keeper

David Black was born in East Lothian, Scotland before his family returned to their roots in the North Yorkshire countryside. Having spent over 25 years in the events industry, from DJ'ing to managing a marquee and furniture hire business which continues to supply essential items to parties, weddings and events across the UK. He still manages an asset finance and luxury car leasing business based in York. 

In his free time, David is Chairman of The James Bond International Fan Club. 


Read more about David here: www.davidblackauthor.com

Jenny Blondel

Making Babies: The Holistic IVF Diet Guide

Jenny Blondel is a registered naturopath, nutritionist, homeopath, medical herbalist, and a fertility expert. With 25 years' experience in clinical practice, Jenny is passionate about women's health, fertility and the quest to bring healthy babies into the world. 

Jenny was born in Sydney, Australia and lived there at least half of her life. She now resides in picturesque Yorkshire in England. She is a wife, mum, sister and a daughter. In her spare time Jenny loves to do yoga, read books, go walking and catch up with friends over a cup of tea.


Read more about Jenny here: www.jennyblondel.com

Gavin Boden

Time Travelling Heroes and The Dreams of Time

Gavin Boden is a Sales Manager, a World Record Holder and an avid reader of fiction books. Born in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire in August 1970 to parents, Denis and Evelyn Boden, Gavin was named after the eccentric registrar when his birth was recorded. In the early days before he started school, he spent a lot of time in the garden of his home playing football, drawing and making a nuisance of himself.


Read more about Gavin here: www.gavinboden.co.uk

Michael O'Connor

Scrambled Eggs

Michael O'Connor is a local, North Lincolnshire Author. His two children were inspiration for his new children's series Bobaroo Bay. The first title is 'Scrambled Eggs', this lovable Children's Picture book will allow young readers to get to know what life is like for the animals on Bobaroo Bay. The story is written in rhyme which makes it the perfect book to allow children's imaginations to flourish and to brighten any reader's day. 


Read more about Michael on Facebook: Bobaroo Bay

Website details coming soon...

Elsie Butler

Days of Wandering

Elsie Butler was born in Northern Ireland, County Tyrone. She taught in Belfast until she moved to Grimsby in 1971. Her move to England combined an abiding love for Ireland, witha new love for the rolling hills of Lincolnshire where she has resided since.  

Elsie has a passion for photography, not only is Days of Wandering full of adventures, treasured tales and fond memories. It also incorporates many of Elsie's own photos where she has captured special places and memories through the lens of her camera.  


Read more about Elsie's adventures on her blog:


Roy Hirst & Richard Dunn

Life of Roy

Roy lost his first leg at six years old and his second leg at 21 years of age.

He had little schooling and walked with artificial legs, refusing to use a wheelchair until he was 46 years old. 'Life Of Roy' is a wonderful and heartwarming memoir, perfectly depicting Roy's humour and his full, happy life. This inspiring story had been told with the help of Richard Dunn.

Andy McLachlan

My Way Back

Andy McLachlan is the Founder of 'Fortress Health'. It was just 5 days after Andy's 48th birthday when he suffered a heart attack which almost cost him his life. The shock of this event spurred Andy on to facilitate his recovery and improve not only his health but his heart health. His debut title 'My Way Back' is Andy's story of recovery and how he researched his own way back to health.


This is a compelling story of Andy's fight and determination to not let his disease stop him from conquering life and to get back out there and fight.


Read more about Andy : https://www.fortresshealth.co/

Rebecca Dennison

The Visiting Book

Rebecca began to illustrate places of interest for her family after they had visited them, this is so that they could remember what they had done and where. And now, 'The Visiting Book' can be used by children and families as a journal to colour, doodle and record where they have visited on their days out! 

The Visiting Book contains 65 places to visit in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire... More than just a book to give you ideas for your day out, it is a journal to hold memories! The publishing was funded by a Kickstarter Campaign in July 2019 supported by over 100 amazing people. 


Read more about Rebecca: https://www.thevisitingbook.co.uk

Pippa Stacey

University of Chronic Illness - A Survival Guide -

Pippa is a writer and blogger from Yorkshire. She acquired her long-term illness as a young adult, being diagnosed during her own years of university, and is now best known for her work around chronic health conditions, independent living and accessible education and employment.

Her work is designed to inform and entertain others. Through blogging and social media she has earned a sizeable community of loyal readers and supporters. 

Above all else, Pippa wants people to know that you don't have to 'defy' your condition in order to be successful. She hopes to be able to provide practical insight and advice. Always with a touch of humour, to show that there's nobody's path to follow but our own.

In her free time, Pippa enjoys books and theatre, and can often be found in her natural habitat...wearing pyjamas and drinking copious amounts of tea.


Read more about Pippa : www.lifeofpippa.co.uk

Michael Vallow

Guardians of the Railway

Michael is a railway enthusiast. He enjoys riding on trains and attending model railway exhibitions to see the imaginative layouts on display. His other interests include Languages and History, including the "first draft of history" - contemporary newspaper and broadcasts. 

Jayne Thomas

The Eve Stone

Jayne would describe herself as a free thinking, creative, socialist, nature loving weirdo. She is passionate about the environment, history and reading. She has written stories and poetry all her life but this is her first novel.


She has three grown-up, independent and usually totally embarrassed children, three lovable cats who are completely bonkers, three beautiful albeit crazy hens and she lives with her relatively normal husband Andy in Bedfordshire. 


Read more about Jayne : www.facebook.com/theevestone/

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