Rebecca Dennison

The Visiting Book

Rebecca began to illustrate places of interest for her family after they had visited them. 

'The Visiting Book' can be used by children and families as a journal to colour, doodle and record where they have visited on their days out! 

Andy McLachlan

My Way Back

Andy McLachlan is the Founder of 'Fortress Health'. It was just 5 days after Andy's 48th birthday when he suffered a heart attack which almost cost him his life. His debut title 'My Way Back' is Andy's story of recovery and how he researched his own way back to health.

Michael O'Connor

Scrambled Eggs

Michael O'Connor is a local, North Lincolnshire Author. His two children were inspiration for his new children's series Bobaroo Bay. The first title is 'Scrambled Eggs', this lovable Children's Picture book will allow young readers to get to know what life is like for the animals on Bobaroo Bay. 

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