Frequently Asked Questions

If you were thinking about Publishing with a Self-Publishing House, or just want to know more, this will be handy for you!



How long does it take for a book from start to finish to be published?

We roughly say from around 3 months; however this depends on many variables and could include the following questions asked:

  • Is the manuscript ready?

  • How much editing is required?

  • Has the book been formatted/typeset etc.?

  • Are illustrations required?

  • What is the purpose for the published book – do you require distribution/marketing channels set up?

  • Are there any upcoming events and a specific deadline request from the Author? If Book Week or Christmas is coming up, the date may be pushed forwards or backwards to fit in.​


Remember: Allow time to create and action a marketing strategy - it takes time to effectively build momentum prior to a Book Launch.

How much does it cost?

Due to us being a Self-Publishing House, we can cater to the needs of the Author. We work with the client and with the client’s budget. Again there are many variables and could include the following:

  • Book Size

  • Page Count

  • Black and White/Full Colour pages

  • Hardback/Paperback

  • Quantity

  • Book Cover effects e.g. spot uv/embossing/gloss/matt/velvet

  • Editing

  • Illustrations


How do I prepare my manuscript for submission?

Here are a few tips you could use to help you prepare your manuscript for submission: 

  • Provide a manuscript that is typed up, if you also have an electronic copy that would be ideal. 

  • Use single spacing, pt. 12, standard font (i.e. Times New Roman or Calibri).

  • Use the Spellcheck facility on Microsoft Word. 

  • Perform a personal edit - when you've finished writing your manuscript, leave it for a short time and re-read it with fresh eyes. You'll find you'll be able to identify areas for improvement easier than before.


What can I / You do to help market my book?

We encourage several different marketing options to our Authors. We’ve got Authors that sell their books through Amazon and/or on their own website direct. Book Signings/Tours are popular and are great to get copies sold and your name out on the streets! Radio talks, TV Interviews. We encourage active social media accounts and will help push your book on our social media too! Find local bookshops and collaborate!

If you have any other questions, concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact the team at Daisa & Co.

Can my reference book include an Index?

Absolutely, this is something that can be achieved. We will also advise on the correct referencing/footnotes format (i.e. Harvard or APA referencing). 

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