Winner: Winter Writers Competition

Updated: Mar 2

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in our Winter Writers Competition, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your submissions. It was a close decision but we're delighted to announce Benjamin Soul as the Winner! Benjamin's fabulous Christmas poem 'A Secret Snowflake' was a pleasure to read and put us all in a festive mood.


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Daisa & Co will be announcing upcoming Writers Competitions throughout the year... Watch this space and please keep writing!

'A Secret Snowflake'

by Benjamin Soul

Signalling the season’s sweet, spiteful churning chill

A secret snowflake fell, on a platypus’ bill;

As Christmas echoes chorused, throughout the cheery pond

Expressed excitement aligned, all animals in a bond.

Wintertide swarmed the area, as the festivities swelled

Terrapins traversed sleighs, as rabbits chimed ribbon-bells;

Frogs fabulously ice skating, practising pirouettes and lifts

Ducks dressed as Christmas puddings, geese adorned like gifts.

Hedgehogs made giant gingerbread, while foxes kept their guard

As fish pulled Christmas crackers, and exchanged their Christmas cards;

Squirrels used glittered tinsel, to give trees a jovial light

While moorhens were making snowfolk, and coots were in snowball fights.

Crows opened advent calendars, magpies danced to toads in a show

Moles mulled wine and made mince pies, voles kissed under mistletoe;

A bow on a badger-Santa, caught the attention of tall and small

As newts chanted “Merry Christmas!”, to you, to one, and to all.

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