In recent years, self-publishing has become an established and accepted path to take. There are many examples of self-published books that have enjoyed real commercial success. However, we realize there are all sorts of reasons for wanting to self-publish, whether it be for personal or other reasons.

Daisa & Co are an established independent publishing house & members of the Independent Publishers Guild. We will talk through the options with you and advise on the services you might require for your particular work. And because every book is different, we'll provide a specific estimate reflecting your preferences.


We are an ambitious and growing company who provide:


  • Copy Editing and Proofreading

  • Page Design and Typesetting

  • Cover Design 

  • ISBN & Bar Code Generation

  • Printing

  • Branding advice

  • Marketing advice

  • Promotion and PR - planning and advice on the best ways to promote your title

  • Advice on Appearances on local Radio & TV



There are other areas to consider that will generate awareness and interest in your book which Daisa & Co can advise you on if needed;

  • Advice with Social Media Start-Up - providing set-up and direction for marketing via key social media platforms

  • Trade Sales Representation; advice on offering entry to the traditional book trade supply chain

  • E-Book Conversion

  • T.V. Radio & Film Scripts

  • Author Business Card Design & Print


Industry Experienced & Focused

Our Team are experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted when it comes to the publishing industry. With years of experience behind them, you can ensure your project is in safe hands.

Full Creative Control

Daisa & Co give the author full creative control. From the book cover design, to the final edits, you will be kept in control of the creative process, and maintain full copyrighted ownership of your manuscript.

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Cost Appropriate

Daisa & Co offer 100% royalties to the author on any book we publish for you. Guaranteed.

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Our commitment is to treat each potential client as an individual, not a number and each client benefits from our high level of professional involvement and creativity.


To enable us to Self-Publish your book, we offer the following services:


  • We will act on your behalf to secure the best possible quotation for your book printing.


  • We will consult with you on every step of the way from initial consultation to the delivery of your book.


  • We will not disclose to any other person any confidential information which we obtain as a result of acting for you except as may be required to carry out your instructions.


  • Any advice we give you is for you exclusively and your book project.


  • We will obtain your prior written consent before we refer to your name in any published materials e.g. website, Press, T.V Radio etc.


  • We will provide you with a written estimate for the provision of your self-published book.


  • The general correspondence and draft documents on the files we prepare for your project are your property at all times, but all memoranda and attendance notes will remain our property.


  • Copyright of your manuscripts will remain with you at all times.


  • We will only use your personal information that you disclose to us for the purposes which we are instructed. The Data Information will be stored securely as possible on our systems and will not be held longer than required.

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